Outside of reviewing and discussing films and the new segment Under The Radar, I intend to go back to the conception of the mockbuster and start reviewing these movies as unironically as possible. Some of them may be intentionally comical and camp, bordering on paradoy, while some others may exist solely to piggyback off of the success of bigger Hollywood films. It is whether I manage to maintain my sanity throughout that is of possible issue.

It’s unsure how these sound-alike films continue seeing the light of distribution, as you would think that the joke, the main point of films like Sharknado, I am Omega and Transmorphers, has been well and truly overdone. However, over time, the movies have become far more meta than they initially started as, and the self-awareness has been brought to new exploitation extremes with Sharknado films as each sequel ramps up the anti, parodying the way in which the Jaws sequels kept trying for bigger and better.

Sharknado, at least, is more of a parody than anything, with other productions inciting legal ramifications with the intent to decieve viewers with knock-off movies, examplified by titles like Frozen Land, Tangled Up, Braver and Little Cars. The intentions of these movifes go beyond self-conscious and fun parody, and instead directly scoop up the dregs of the successes of the Disney juggernaut.

Due to the recent Alien: Covenant and the surge in popularity of the franchise marking an almost 100% increase in pre-owned prices (I’m looking at you, Cex), we will start with the 2007 film AvH: Alien vs. Hunter. Be on the lookout next week for the full review, and don’t forget to like, share and follow as one film blogger slowly loses his love for cinema.

For those who aren’t so aware of the mockbuster category, here is a list of attributes these films hold:

  • Duplicate titles or sound-alike blockbuster names, intended to decieve.
  • Extremely minimal budget, resulting in sub-par production values.
  • Consumers of these films include children to young to tell the difference, parents and grandparents too dumb to tell the difference, and those who watch the films ironically typically because they are inherently bad movies.
  • The ability to infringe copyright due to overt mimicry.


Our list of mockbusters to suffer through is as follows, but not limited to:

  • AVH: Alien vs Hunter (2007)
  • Alien: Origin (2012)
  • Atlantic Rim
  • I am Omega
  • Snakes on a Train (2006)
  • The Day The Earth Stopped (2008)
  • Apocalypse Z (2013)
  • Mega Piranha (2010)
  • American Warships (2012)
  • Titanic 2 (2010)
  • The Amityville Haunting (2011)
  • Death Racers (2008)
  • 3 Musketeers (2011)
  • Clash of the Empires (2012)
  • AE: Apocalypse Earth (2013)
  • Nazis at the Centre of the Earth ((2012)
  • Jack the Giant Killer (2013)
  • The Terminators (2009)
  • 100 Million BC (2008)
  • Bikini Spring Break (2012)
  • Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (2012)
  • Almighty Thor (2011)
  • Battle of Los Angeles (2011)
  • Transmorphers (2007)

Let us wade through the kitsch, schlock and garbage of the mockbuster mythos, scraping the bottom of the cinema’s barrel.

The Film Fanatic